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Do I need a scribe?

Over the past decade the US healthcare crisis has stretched the system to its limits, demanding physicians to more with less. This has lead to longer patient waiting times, and diminished patient satisfaction. In an attempt to balance this delicate equation of patient per hour vs. patient care, many physicians have adopted these bad habits:
  • Staying 1 to 2 hrs after a shift to complete your charting.
  • Decreasing the amount of time you talk to patients and/or family members.

What services do scribes provide?

Scribes function as personal assistants facilitating the needs of the physician. Primary duties include:
  • Documenting the patients clinical encounter in real time.
  • The scribe literally frees the physician from time consuming charting and fielding of phone calls.
  • Provides the physician with an extra set of hands, eyes, and ears that will help organize the duties that he/she needs to execute with higher efficiency.

Medical Scribe Program

Welcome to the American Scribes website! You have made the first step in improving your clinical workflow while simultaneously reducing physician fatigue. American Scribes is the fastest growing scribe staffing service in the industry, with company headquarters in New Jersey we are strategically placed to serve the Northeastern US market.

Our comprehensive turnkey solution employs, teaches and manages the most talented aspiring medical professionals providing exemplary scribe service to your emergency department, outpatient practice, or hospitalist group.